Northbridge Residence, NSW
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Northbridge Residence, NSW

This client came to us with a small garden which had been completely overtaken by plants. Needing a space to entertain, relax and unwind, we set about transforming this small garden into a usable space.

Removing all of the existing Macrozamia sp. ferns and relocating the large Lagerstroemia indica trees, we opened up the garden to reveal its bones and structure. Dominated by a carport off the street, the garden still needed a path to the door. Not wanting a formal, hard paved path, we opted for stepping stones with lawn growing in between and around them.

On the boundaries we planted Viburnum odoratissimum to screen neighbours and give them some privacy. Under this was a border planting of Gardenia augusta ‘Florida’ to soften the edge to the lawn.

To add some height, two Pyrus nivalis trees were planted near the arbour, with a third more vertical Pear tree (Pyrus chanticleer) planted near the corner of the house to ground it.