Mosman Residence, NSW
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Mosman Residence, NSW

The bones of this garden had already been laid, though it was an old garden that needed a makeover.

The existing garden comprised of 60cm high Buxus microphylla hedges, Murraya paniculata hedges and over grown Ficus pumila. All popular plant choices in Mosman gardens, though had all passed their used by dates. One feature of the existing garden was the stone pathways and sandstone block retaining walls. These added a good base and provided good structure for the new planting beds.

Deciding on making a more contemporary English inspired garden, we set about removing all the existing plantings and some of the existing site soil to prepare for the new gardens. As the Buxus microphylla was too developed we were unable to relocate it. The same applied for the Murraya panicualta hedges. Upon clearing we were left with a blank canvas to begin planting and developing the new garden.

By planting groves of Betula pendula up the length of the path we could create interest upon leaving the footpath on the journey to the front door. Under planting this with Trachelospermum jasminoides would create a relatively low maintenance ground cover, that when in bloom would bring a mass of Jasmine perfume to the garden. We also planted a hedge of Viburnum odoratissimum at the rear of this to soften and ground the house, thus creating a better house and garden relationship.

On the lawn terrace we laid some stepping stones in the lawn to access the top of the block and lawn. Between these and the house we created a small planting area to train Trachelospermum jasminoides up the house to again soften it.
Erecting a heritage-inspired timber paling fence helped screen off the unsightly footpath and provide privacy for the client.