Landscape Master Plans
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Landscape Master Plans

From $2,000.00

A Landscape Master Plan is often used when the site is very large, or there are requirements from Council which will affect your desired landscape vision. Landscape Master Plans show all facets of the design, and detail every intricate area and feature of your new garden. This include planting schedules (showing the botanical names and common names of plants, pots sizes, and mature height), material schedules, construction details and drainage plans as well as site notes and specifications. A Landscape Master plan can be given to any Landscaper to build without any questions.

A Landscape Master Plan starts with an initial meeting (at no charge) on site to get your brief for the job. After a site measure, concepts are designed for the differing areas of your new garden and then presented at a concept meeting. These ideas are backed up with images and sketches to give you a clear understanding of the vision.

After feedback from the concept meeting, a computer-drafted landscape plan is developed which entails the best components of the concepts into one final design. It is often at this stage a Council plan will be drafted if required.
After a meeting to review the draft plan, the final Landscape Master Plan is drafted and the schedules, construction details and other accompanying information is added.