Concept Sketches
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Concept Sketches

From $500.00

A Concept Sketch is a computer-drafted plan showing the proposed Landscape Design for the client's garden.
This option is for clients who have a small garden or courtyard and want a Landscape Design of their property.
Concept Sketches are also for clients who don't have any requirements from Council, as they are not suitable for Council submission.

Concept Sketches are to scale, hand rendered and show the client related imagery of the plants and materials we wish to use. Usually two concepts will be designed for the one garden, each with a different use and philosophy behind it.

The landscape plan begins with an initial meeting (at no charge) on site to get your brief for the job.
Two Concept Sketches of the garden are then developed from the brief. After meeting and reviewing these initial concepts, they are further developed into the final landscape plan.